Why Transporting Patients Is Much Easier With A Van Featuring Wheelchair Conversions

These days, there are many health conditions that require patients to ride in a wheelchair, whether it be temporarily or permanently. This can cause a huge strain on families and friends who are required to transport these patients to their various medical appointments, as getting the patient and their wheelchair in and out of the car can be a strenuous task. To make their lives easier, it is definitely worth looking into a van that features appropriate wheelchair conversions.

Just imagine that one of your parents needed cancer treatment or that one of your children was suffering from spina bifida, both of which are ailments that could put a person into a wheelchair. Now imagine that you are running this loved one to a doctor’s appointment in the car that you currently drive. As it doesn’t have the proper wheelchair conversions, you would have to stop at the front door of the medical centre, go to the boot to pull out the folded up chair and get it ready for the patient. You would then have to wheel the chair around to the passenger side door and help your loved one into it.

When the appointment is over, you will have to complete the same process all over again, except this time in reverse. Can you imagine having to lift your elderly mother or teenaged son all by yourself? At the end of the day, trying to get your loved one from place to place in a car that does not feature any wheelchair conversions is an exhausting process that leaves you feeling weak and drained.

How can a wheelchair conversion make transporting patients between home, doctor’s and specialist’s appointments easier you might ask? For one, these sorts of vehicles may be fitted with a lift that allows you to lift the patient, wheelchair and all, directly in and out of the van. This means that you will no longer be straining your back trying to fold and unfold the wheelchair or lifting your loved one in and out of the car. They may instead be fitted with a ramp that allows the patient to wheel themselves in and out of the vehicle – either way, the result is still the same.

If you find yourself faced with a situation that will leave yourself or someone you love either permanently or temporarily disabled, it may very well be worth looking into wheelchair conversions for your vehicle. This will make it much easier to transport the patient between all of the medical appointments that they will have to attend to ensure that their health is taken care of in the best way possible.

What to Look for When Hiring a Caravan

There is not a better way for exploring a region or a whole country than travelling around with a caravan and stopping wherever you want for as long as you want. There are a number of things which you have to provide for in advance to make sure that your trip will go smoothly and enjoyably. As a start, you have to make sure that that the caravan for hire meets all of your needs and requirements plus all safety and hygiene standards.

Driving Requirements

Pick the transmission of the caravan so that it matches your experience and abilities as a driver. Most new vehicles come with automatic transmission which is easier to use. If you go for a vehicle with a manual transmission, you should be perfectly comfortable with this feature.

You can select from recreational vehicles with diesel and petrol engines. The former are generally more fuel efficient while diesel is generally cheaper than petrol. Hence, you may want to look for a vehicle with a diesel engine.

Beds and Facilities

You decide on the number of beds to look for. Most caravans can accommodate between two and six people. There are some recreational vehicles with special configurations for two adults and two children.

Basic kitchen facilities should be present in any caravan. You should be able to use a stove, fridge and a sink. It is best to look for a fully equipped kitchen especially if you will make a trip which does not start from somewhere near your home. Items such as a kettle, coffee maker, toaster, crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils are always necessary.

Look for toilet and shower facilities with the former being particularly important. There are caravans with portable toilets and outside showers as well as ones with built-in toilet and showering facilities. You have to decide which option to go for. Take into account the number of stops you plan to have and where they are.

Caravan Condition

The recreational vehicle has to be in an excellent condition. It is best if the vehicle is fairly new. Look for one with low mileage. You may not be able to inspect the vehicle at the time of booking, but you should certainly do so at the time of collection. Test the transmission and breaks and inspect both the exterior and interior for flaws and damage. Pay special attention to the tires and the engine and carburettor.

The caravan must come with a fully charged battery for powering the appliances, a full gas bottle, if natural gas is used for some appliances, a clean toilet, an empty wastewater reservoir and a full clean water reservoir. The fuel tank should be full as well.